Part 4 Cavallers.

After Montserrat our aim was to head up deep into the Pyrenees, to an area called Cavallers in the Valle De Boi. The direct route there was going to take about 4 hours but to go via Andorra was only going to add about an hour, so why not? A chance to tick another country. We made a relaxed but efficient start and arrived in Andorra about 11:15am.

Andorra is a funny place. It's like one big duty-free store, with perfumes, cameras and watches for sale every. As such, I recommend it about as much as a tour of a major airport. Cheap fuel, though.

However the plan for a leisurely lunch was interrupted by a message from last night's hotel - I'd left my laptop on the breakfast table. Bugger! There was no option but to retrace our steps.

After a quick pizza and salad we arrived back in Monistrol around 3:30pm. Paying an 11 euro tunnel toll twice in a day made it more annoying. We eventually arrived in Taull around 7pm.

Taull is a small satellite village of the main ski area there, Boi-Taull. It's a quaint little town at a base of 1800m. Up the next valley over is the dam of Cavallers, and around there, lots of granite.

If they ever learn to use cams we're in trouble .. Ibex soloing what is probably at least grade 16.

Back at the car.

A terrific day out, highly recommended.